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Our Technology

SaaS Provider

HireGround’s StartDate Applicant Tracking Software is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution or hosted model. We host the software, perform updates and maintenance, as well as back up and store your data. There’s no need for extensive implementation, downloading updates, special hardware, or a dedicated IT team. The only requirement to access the system is a current internet browser.

Security & Privacy

Cloud SecurityHireGround is a Canadian owned and operated company, so your data is housed on Canadian servers and your information is regulated according to tight Canadian privacy laws. We use the very latest in industry best practices for privacy & security. This includes encrypting passwords with a one-way secure algorithm, storing and backing up all data and encrypting web content through SSL.

Other StartDate ATS features include flexible, scalable user roles with fine control over permissions, cryptographically irreversible password storage, and short-lived one-time security tokens to reset a password.  Furthermore, our servers are located at a Tier 3 data center in Canada; a highest level engineering centre surpassing uptime, security, cooling and power redundancy standards of other hosting facilities. The network is fully redundant and excels in speed, reliability and security.


mobile applicationAccess the system via desktop computer, tablet or mobile device. StartDate is a completely mobile-friendly recruiting software for all users: HR, hiring managers and job applicants. On top of mobile access for the hiring team, applicants can search and apply for jobs on their preferred device. With almost 70% of job seekers on mobile devices, your careers page and smartphone friendly application process now caters to a growing number of users.


The technology behind the StartDate ATS takes advantage of everything the latest software advances can offer. Pages load quickly, meaning no time is wasted due to slow loading times, and one-click editing capabilities allow users to make quick changes to a job posting without leaving the page. Fast recruiting software means less wasted time so you can be more efficient.


implementation timeA typical installation of an applicant tracking system has historically been in the range of three weeks to six months. Why, in this tech savvy age are we faced with such long implementation roll outs… with uncertain results at the end? In our view, there are simple not enough unique requirements for recruitment that necessitate months or a year in setup time!

Now, current technologies allow the StartDate ATS to be implemented in less than an hour. If required, configurations can be made on the fly within the system. Easy.


Careers page integration: The StartDate system is branded with your company logo and colours and job descriptions on your careers page utilize your own website’s CSS. If using an XML feed, you have complete control over the look and feel of your site. In this way, job seekers are shown a consistent company brand throughout their job search and application process.

Integration with other HR software systems: One function of our software’s API (application programming interface) allows for integration with other systems, such as payroll. Contact us to learn more about what the API can do for you.

Social Media Integration: StartDate enables you to broadcast your jobs through your corporate social media account. It’s simple to link one or more Twitter accounts within the system to schedule and announce your job postings to a wider audience, and attract more passive candidates.