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LinguaX offers tools for Job Boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, HRIS vendors, corporate HR departments and recruitment organizations. Integrate with our simple API and receive fast, accurate results.

Text Conversion

Text Conversion supports multiple input file formats, such as pdf, doc, docx, odt, and rtf. Converting a resume into text removes most formatting, standardizing the text to make it compatible for various software systems, as well as making it simpler to compare information across multiple resumes.

Text Analytics

This tool is useful to any organization requiring text and sentiment analysis. As part of the
LinguaX package, Analytics focuses on the HR talent management industry, summarizing and visualizing your resume data.

Resume Parsing

The parsing tool turns unstructured (or semi-structured) data into structural information, by recognizing various sections in a resume, e.g., contact, work experience, education, and skills; and retrieving critical information in a section, e.g., name and address, company and position, school and degree. The extracted data can be indexed for searching, ranking or comparison purposes. Enable your software application to identify and locate specific information found in your resume database, such as candidates from a particular region, or who worked for a certain company.

Semantic Search

Search through millions of documents quickly, while delivering relevance for each search
based on keyword or phrase requests. The semantic search looks for the meaning behind your query, and provides answers based on synonyms and related searches. Far more than a simple keyword search, the Semantic Search provides relevant answers to your questions.

Request a demo today, call 1-877-218-7504 extension 226 or email us at

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