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The StartDate ATS is mobile-friendly and fast to implement. Whether it is comparing candidates, making decisions or posting a job with a questionnaire, StartDate lets the recruiter do their job effectively, saving time and resources.

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Promote your jobs

Targeting professional, technical, and skilled trades workers, the HireGround Job Board is a great way to gain exposure to qualified candidates in Western Canada and the United States. The job board is especially popular with the oil & gas, construction and energy industries.

Reach more candidates with one listing: jobs are automatically posted across several popular job boards for more exposure.


1 Job Posting: $350

Email with the following: company name, job location, job description, job category, posting end date, and ‚Äčemail address or url for resume intake. ‚ÄčIf no end date is provided, jobs will be posted for 30 days.

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Secure Parsing & Text Conversion

Housed in Canada

Advanced language processing

LinguaX is a technology designed to make meaning from text. It's four components can be implemented individually, or bundled as a full service technology package.

Text Conversion

Convert a resume into plain text, in addition to pulling limited data from the document, such as name and contact information.

Resume Parsing

Index key resume terms, ie. name, address, work experience, school and degree. Extracted data can be placed into fields for searching, ranking or comparison purposes.


This tool is useful to any organization requiring text and sentiment analysis. As part of the LinguaX package, Analytics focuses on the HR talent management industry.

Semantic Search

Search through millions of documents quickly, while delivering relevance for each search based on keyword or phrase requests.

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